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It’s true. We used to have such a vibrant relationship, the essential oil blogs and I, but all of that has changed now. We used to spend hours {and hours, and hours} together, I was so eager to learn and try everything so clearly spelled out for me . . . and then one day, […]


March 19, 2015

Why I am not Reading Essential Oil Blogs Anymore

Let me begin this post by clearly stating this: I LOVE to-do lists, schedules, and routines. They are awesome—there is nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment when you can check a task off your list (or scribble, I personally prefer scribbling with a vengeance). Lists, schedules, and routines can be a wonderful tool to […]

Homemaking, Motherhood

February 2, 2015

Why it may be time to toss the cleaning schedule

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Hospitality. Perhaps it comes easy to you; or perhaps, like me, you find it intimidating.  Mention the word and my heart rate rises, my insecurities come to light, and I begin to worry. What if I’m not a good hostess? I can’t drive a conversation! What if someone can still smell the milk my two-year-old […]

Homemaking, Womanhood

November 24, 2014

What if Hospitality Scares Me?