What if Hospitality Scares Me?

  1. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. The key is to lighten up, and you seem to have gotten the gist of that. No one expects perfection because when it’s their turn, they’ll be too intimidated by your perfection!The gift of hospitality comes more from making your guests feel comfortable than from an elaborate meal. I’ve been told I have the gift of hospitality, but it’s certainly not through my meal-making! I just have a way of making people feel comfortable I guess. Blessings…(are you hosting Thanksgiving?)

  2. This is great! So helpful to read this right before Thanksgiving!Thank You!
    Many Blessings,
    Haley Lillibridge
    Grace, Purpose & Pearls

  3. Susan Shipe says:

    You are point-on in your hints for hospitality! I used to care about all of the things that would keep one from inviting friends over – but I’m finally over it. I wasted a lot of years in my insecurities!!! People want to be with YOU, not your house!!!

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