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I must have made quite the spectacle. Little ole’ 5ft3.5in me pushing the over-sized shopping cart with two impatient boys one handed, the other hand carrying 5 large boxes while 8 unruly boxes perched precariously on the cart did their best to scatter across the parking lot . . .


June 3, 2016

We weren’t meant to walk alone

Dear momma friend, what would happen if we dared to lower our masks? If we stepped out in courage and dared to strip away the fake, the lies, the shame, the disguises. What would happen if we put away the fears and dared to be honest? To be transparent? To be real? The answer? Something […]

Faith, Motherhood, Womanhood

April 6, 2015

When you lower the mask, there is beauty

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Hospitality. Perhaps it comes easy to you; or perhaps, like me, you find it intimidating.  Mention the word and my heart rate rises, my insecurities come to light, and I begin to worry. What if I’m not a good hostess? I can’t drive a conversation! What if someone can still smell the milk my two-year-old […]

Homemaking, Womanhood

November 24, 2014

What if Hospitality Scares Me?

Postpartum hair loss . . . it’s that little facet of life after pregnancy that we don’t like to talk about. Perhaps you had a wonderful pregnancy, grew an amazing head of hair, and lost but a few strands in the following months as you danced through daisy fields with your new little one . . . or perhaps like me, you wondered how on earth there was any hair left after brushing your once glorious locks. Personally, I think it is inappropriately named–it ought to be referred to as postpartum balding . . .


October 28, 2014

6 Tips for Surviving Postpartum Hair Loss

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