Through the Let's Talk Science series, your student will discover that science is an amazing tool God has given us to explore His creation -- and to learn more about Him! 

Get ready to explore God's amazing creation! 

let's talk science series

Conversational lessons, engaging short stories, fun worksheets, and exciting activities draw the student in to explore God's amazing creation through science!

Throughout this series, students will learn how to ask questions, test their ideas, and share what they've learned about science and God with others.

Engaging Lessons

Easy on Mom

The Let's Talk Science series was truly developed with mom in mind so that you can have fun teaching science! 

The hands-on activities utilize materials that you likely already have on hand -- or are easy and inexpensive to purchase if you need to. A materials list and weekly checklists make planning a breeze and keep this course open-and-go. 

Hands-on activities

Each level in the Let's Talk Science series features many hands-on experiments, investigations, activities, and crafts to make learning fun and engaging. 

Let's Talk Science Features:

In Let's Talk Science Level 1: Adventures in Creation, students will explore God's creation through the days of Creation as they learn about light, the atmosphere, water cycle, thunderstorms, layers of the earth, plants, astronomy, birds, the ocean, animals, and mankind. 

Let's Talk Science Level 2: Adventures in the Physical World guides your student through a fascinating exploration of physical science. Students will experience God’s world as they study energy, force, simple machines, matter, astronomy, meteorology, and geology. 

In Let's Talk Science Level 3: Adventures on Planet Earth students will encounter God’s design as they learn about biomes, climates, the food chain, trees, forest structure, decomposers, symbiotic relationships, and more through conversational lessons, hands-on expression, and activities.

In Let's Talk Science Level 4:Adventures in the Scientific Method, students will observer God’s design as they explore the scientific method, matter, elements, the carbon cycle, measurements, worldview, classification, worldview, the ocean, tide pools, coral reefs, algae, seagrass, and marine life. 

In Let's Talk Science Level K: Adventures in the World Around Me, students will discover how to use their five senses to investigate the world around them, learn basic properties of physical science, explore living and non-living things, and develop a love for learning more about God’s creation through science. 

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