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Heyo, I 'm Carrie!

I help moms create a homeschool they love so that they can teach their children with purpose, confidence, & joy!

I'm a second-generation homeschooler, curriculum author, and busy mom to three wild boys. 

I’m a down-to-earth, everyday mom who loves spending time with my family, chips & salsa, old TV shows, writing, and let's be honest -- sleep. Hot pink makes me smile, pearls are my favorite, and items with llamas on them make me squeal excitedly.   

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Here you'll find encouragement thoughts, tips, and tricks for managing all the things motherhood, homeschooling, and life while you create a homeschool you love. 


Sounds like fun!

Get ready to explore God's amazing creation! Through the Let's Talk Science series, your student will discover that science is an amazing tool God has given us to explore His creation -- and to learn more about Him.

Let's talk science

Ok, tell me more!

Your easy and oh-so fun guide for teaching your child to read! Engaging lesson narrative and easy hands-on activities allow you to simply pick up Foundations Phonics and start teaching -- it's grab and go!

Foundations phonics