I’m Carrie — homeschool coach, curriculum author, and busy mom to three wild boys. I have served the homeschool community in various roles for over 15 years. As a second-generation work-at-home homeschooler, I have a passion for helping moms create a homeschool that fits into their life and that they LOVE. 

I’m a down-to-earth, everyday mom. I love Jesus, spending time with my family, chips & salsa, old TV shows, writing, and let's be honest -- sleep. Hot pink makes me smile, pearls are my favorite, and items with llamas on them make me squeal excitedly. 

Fun fact: I’m semi-famous for being a strong-willed child who was once expelled from homeschool -- but that is a different story for another time . . . 

hey there, friend!

Homeschooling is often made out to be this big, scary, complicated thing. It's something that only the most saintly of mothers have the energy or patience for. Or is it? 

Well, lean in momma friend -- I have a secret for you. Homeschooling isn't complicated and you don't even need to be a saint to pull it off. (shh, it's even ok if you're not very patient -- I'm not either!) In fact, with the right tools, it can be fun and even fit effortlessly into a busy life! 

Think about it, you've likely already taught your child most of the foundational life skills they're going to use throughout their whole life. From walking, eating, getting dressed, and potty training, to counting, colors, and the alphabet, you've been right there teaching and having fun with your child.

Homeschooling is no different. 

What if I told you homeschooling doesn't have to be complicated?  

I believe that you are fully equipped by God for this role and that you are your child's best teacher. 

During my high school years, I had the opportunity to work for a homeschool curriculum distributor. I managed the shipping department and also did quite a bit of customer support. I helped homeschool moms find curriculum solutions that fit into their individual lives. Once we found their ideal solution, homeschooling became enjoyable! This experience taught me so much and the Lord used it to grow a passion in me for helping homeschool mommas. 

As my children started to reach the school years, I began to observe my own life and the lives of the moms around me. I noticed that we were often juggling so many things between a baby on the hip, various ministries we were involved in, homeschooling, medical needs, and even small businesses. Not to mention that many of us were trying to stretch the family income as far as we possibly could! 

Homeschooling felt complicated and infeasible to many of my momma friends as they looked at thick courses, time commitments, and required materials. But I knew that this didn't have to be the case! 

So, I set out to create homeschool courses that were Biblically based, easy on mom, and fun for the family -- all while remaining budget-friendly. I wanted to free a homeschooling mom up to have fun and make memories with her children while homeschooling. And that is how Foundations Phonics and the Let's Talk Science series were born.

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Guiding kids to their Creator through reading & science 

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Discover that science is an amazing tool God has given us to explore His creation -- and to learn more about Him! 

Let's Talk Science

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The easy and oh-so fun guide for teaching your child to read. 

Foundations Phonics

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