I was expelled from Homeschool (tips for parenting the strong-willed child)

  1. Carla Lake says:

    Carrie, this is so true and filled with hope. Parenting and homeschooling my strong-willed child have kept me at the feet of Jesus. Daily I need His power, but He has called us to be faithful and we can leave the results to Him. Thank you for your encouraging insight.

  2. Abi Craig says:

    As a mom to twins that I’m on the brink of "expelling", I really appreciate your voice from the other side – student and adult. Thank you. Visiting from SHINE at The Deliberate Mom.

  3. Jess says:

    My son, who is now 12 is extremely strong willed, you tell him to turn left, and he turns right, arguing why that is the way to go. I LOVE the Niagara Falls bit- what an awesome analogy your dad came up with (and the Lord gave him!!) I definitely need to tell that to my son.
    Altogether this post really resonates with me because of all the difficulty I have had with my son- my eyes are opened in that I now realize that God made him strong willed for a reason.
    Thank you for sharing your story!

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