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Hey there! My name is Carrie and I'm an everyday wife and homeschool momma to three {very} energetic boys.  



Confessions of a SAHM: I’m an Internet Hoarder

June 29, 2015

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I used to be cool, back in the day. You know, back when I worked at a library {this now qualifies as cool because it was quiet there 😉 and now ya’ll want a job at a library!}, when we owned an SUV, and we had high-speed, unlimited internet {complete with Netflix}.
And now, I’m a SAHM {if you’re new to the playground, that’s a Stay at Home Mom. Ya’ gotta learn the lingo friend}, I own a mini-van at the ripe old age of {nearly} 25, I attempt to keep toys organized {alphabetized just ain’t gonna happen}, and I don’t have unlimited internet. Far from it. Sigh.

It has changed me.

When we moved out to our corner of the world in middle-of-nowhere USA, we waved farewell to the joys of high-speed, unlimited internet data. Yep, we went from everything, to nothing. Nothing like breaking an internet addiction cold-turkey. The price you pay for wanting a little space, ya know?

For that first year out here in Forsakensville, we used only the 2 gigs of data that came with our smartphone plan. Be impressed, very impressed–cause that ain’t a whole lotta data my friend!

And then last year, our service provider raised it to 2.5 gigs a month–WOOHOO! I thought we struck it big. Then our budget opened up a little and we got a pre-pay internet hotspot with all of {wait for it . . . } 4 gigs of data!

4 gigs still ain’t a whole lotta data my friend, even when it’s combined with the phone data for a whopping totaly of 6.5 gigs. So I got really good at conserving it because I needed the data for my blog and business pursuits {and don’t forget social media, cause’ that’s how I stay connected to ya’ll over here in Fallofftheearthville!}. I kept it simple, and limited my use to the absolutely necessary. And let me tell you, blogging burns up quite a bit of data!

A month ago however, our budget opened some more and it became more cost-effective to finally get satellite internet with {get this} 10 gigs of data a month and 50 gigs a month between 2-8am {which, come on, I’m a mom! Of course I’m up then!}. PLUS, our phone carrier doubled our monthly data to 5 gigs a month! THIS is the life!

But, remember how I said it changed me? Yeah . . . it occurred to me the other night that I’m an internet data hoarder. *hangs head in shame*

One of the apps on my phone started crashing, so I figured that probably means I really need to update it {remember the absolutely necessary? Updates didn’t fall into that category IMO}. My hubby was looking over my shoulder when he noticed that somemost all of my apps needed updated.

Hubs: “Um, how come you have so many updates you need to do? Don’t you have it set to automatically update?”

Me: “Ahahaha. No, that burns up way too much data love.”

Hubs {smirking}: “Uh, love, we have plenty of data now. And it’s the end of this billing cycle, you could probably update your apps.”

Me {serious}: “But, babe, we could run out of data. I’ve used a lot, and like, I was on Pinterest all day updating my blog’s boards. Do you have any idea how much data that burns through?”

Hubs: “How much data have you gone through?”

. . . logging into our account to check . . .

Me: “Well, we are down to 9.8 gigs for this month. And I still have a lot of blog/business work to do, we could burn through it all.”

Hubs {throwing hands up and stomping through the living room}: “OH MY GOODNESS! THAT’S IT! I’m cutting off your internet, you are just burning through way too much. I mean, .2 gigs babe?Really? REALLY? This needs to end right now, I’m going down to unplug it.”

Me: “Oh shut up! We’ve burned through all our data before you know!”

Hubs: “I think you’re probably ok to update your apps babe. We are swimming in data. We might even be able to *gasp* download a movie.”

Me {playfully punching his arm}: “You’re a jerk.”

Hubs: laughs

. . .

So yeah, I’ve become a data hoarder because you never know what might come up at the end of the month that burns through 9.8 gigs of data. Is there an internet hoarders anonymous group? Cause I may need to join . . . I’m down to 9.6 gigs for this month, and the stress of it just might get unbearable 😉 Pass me the lavender essential oil, please.

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  1. Stacey says:

    I feel your pain. We have a decent amount of data at home, but it’s not unlimited so I’m always afraid we’re going to run out.

  2. Amber says:

    I understand. I can be a bit of a hoarder as well.

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Hey there! My name is Carrie and I'm an everyday wife and homeschool momma to three {very} energetic boys.  


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